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we believe

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We believe there are many paths to great work and that there are three key elements in the best deals:

  • The Transaction (the safe and efficient movement of money, documents and information)

  • Customer Service (how every person involved brings their best work)

  • The Experience (how we all feel about how things work and finish)


Our process is outcome driven; we focus on what matters most and train relentlessly to be worthy of the trust given by our clients.

We believe that our success is defined by those around us.  Relationships and trust take time and must be forged through shared experience.


The Spark Realty operators have spent years assembling the best of the best allied professionals to support our clients.  Whether architect, engineer, appraiser, contractor, attorney, tax advisor, or other specialist, our team is built for your success.  They have our back because we have theirs - this is how all our relationships are crafted.


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Spark Realty has an exclusive relationship with the nation's most advanced real estate education platform, The Pathfinder Institute.  Pathfinder is a real estate think tank offering master-level coaching, mentoring, and training to those driven to reach the pinnacle of their ability. 

Founded by a $3 billion producer and a Navy SEAL instructor, Pathfinder offers unrivaled opportunity to step beyond one-size-fits-all programs and into direct relationship with instructors whose experience and leadership has been forged in the most competitive environments on this planet. 


Each Spark office and managing partner is Pathfinder Certified (both commercial and residential), meaning that they have mastered one of the toughest ability programs available and maintain standards significantly higher than the industry average.


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